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Tests of parallel molecular evolution in a long-term experiment with Escherichia coli.
The repeatability of evolutionary change is difficult to quantify because only a single outcome can usually be observed for any precise set of circumstances. In this study, however, we haveExpand
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The Decline of Fertility in Europe
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Urban‐Rural Mortality Differentials: An Unresolved Debate
Historians and demographers have long debated the existence, causes, and consequences of historical differences between urban and rural mortality levels. In Europe it has been usual to observe excessExpand
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Ethnic Penalties in Unemployment and Occupational Attainment: Evidence for Britain
In spite of progress made since the 1950s and 1960s, black, Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi workers remain disadvantaged relative to whites in terms of their labour market opportunities. InExpand
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Is it worth subsidising regional repertory theatre
Subsidies to the performing arts are usually justified by reference to externality and public goods arguments that are hard to quantify. We suggest that subsidies to theatres may be appropriateExpand
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Death before Birth: Fetal Health and Mortality in Historical Perspective
Preface 1. Introduction to fetal health and mortality 2. Definitions, measurement, influences 3. The prospects for survival from conception to childhood 4. Fetal mortality in comparative perspectiveExpand
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Ancient and Early Modern Mortality: Experience and Understanding
This article discusses the various problems associated with the derivation of mortality measures for ancient Greece and Rome. It outlines two new sets of high mortality model life tables thatExpand
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Burkitt's lymphoma and malaria.
Abstract An analysis of malarial parasitaemia, splenomegaly, antimalarial antibodies, immunoglobulin levels, and reticuloendothelial phagocytic function was undertaken in patients with Burkitt'sExpand
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Fertility in England: a long-term perspective.
This paper deals with two aspects of long-run fertility trends in England. First detailed and widely comparable fertility measures (Coale's indices) are reconstructed for England from theExpand
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Urbanisation in Europe and China during the second millennium: a review of urbanism and demography
Three issues are considered in this paper: the estimation of rates of urbanisation for Europe and China between AD 1000 and 2000; the demographic consequences of urbanisation; and especially theExpand
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