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A model of a CA3 hippocampal pyramidal neuron incorporating voltage-clamp data on intrinsic conductances.
1. We have developed a 19-compartment cable model of a guinea pig CA3 pyramidal neuron. Each compartment is allowed to contain six active ionic conductances: gNa, gCa, gK(DR) (where DR stands forExpand
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Spread of synchronous firing in longitudinal slices from the CA3 region of the hippocampus.
1. Mechanisms underlying the propagation of synchronous epileptiform activity in disinhibited hippocampal slices were examined in experimental and computer simulation studies. 2. Experiments wereExpand
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Excitatory synaptic interactions between CA3 neurones in the guinea‐pig hippocampus.
Excitatory synaptic interactions between CA3 neurones in slices from guinea‐pig hippocampus were examined. Recurrent excitatory post‐synaptic potentials (e.p.s.p.s) were evoked by action potentialsExpand
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Cellular mechanism of neuronal synchronization in epilepsy.
Interictal spikes are a simple kind of epileptic neuronal activity. Field potentials and intracellular recordings observed during interictal spikes of penicillin-treated slices of the hippocampusExpand
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Afterpotential generation in hippocampal pyramidal cells.
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Calcium current activation kinetics in isolated pyramidal neurones of the Ca1 region of the mature guinea‐pig hippocampus.
1. Neurones were isolated from the CA1 region of the guinea‐pig hippocampus and subjected to the whole‐cell mode of voltage clamping, to determine the kinetics of voltage‐gated Ca2+ channelExpand
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Lovastatin Corrects Excess Protein Synthesis and Prevents Epileptogenesis in a Mouse Model of Fragile X Syndrome
Many neuropsychiatric symptoms of fragile X syndrome (FXS) are believed to be a consequence of altered regulation of protein synthesis at synapses. We discovered that lovastatin, a drug that isExpand
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Inhibitory control of local excitatory circuits in the guinea‐pig hippocampus.
1. Exposure to the gamma‐aminobutyric acid antagonist, picrotoxin, causes the discharge of hippocampal pyramidal cells to become synchronized. Synaptic mechanisms underlying the development ofExpand
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Intradendritic recordings from hippocampal neurons.
Dendritic activity in guinea pig hippocampal CA1 and CA3 pyramidal neurons was examined by using an in vitro preparation. Histologically confirmed intradendritic recordings showed that dendrites hadExpand
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Isolation of neurons suitable for patch-clamping from adult mammalian central nervous systems
A method is described for the isolation of neurons from defined regions of the mammalian central nervous system, by a combination of mechanical and enzymatic means. The procedure liberates neuronsExpand
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