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Adsorption of quaternary pyridinium compounds at Pt electrodes in neutral and weakly alkaline solutions
Two quaternized pyridinium compounds being considered for application as corrosion inhibitors, N-butyl-3-(hydroxynonyl) pyridinium bromide (Quat 1) and N-butyl-3-(N-octylcarbamyl)pyridinium bromideExpand
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The reductive deposition of quaternary pyridinium corrosion inhibitor multilayers on glassy carbon electrodes
The redox behaviour of several quaternary pyridinium corrosion inhibitors ("Quats") at glassy carbon (GC) electrodes has been investigated in neutral aqueous solutions. The primary emphasis is onExpand
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Design and modeling of tapered LWL architecture for high density SRAM
Tapered local word line driver architecture is proposed for high density SRAM design. The tapered circuit observed a 7% speed improvement. An analytical model is presented for fast simulation andExpand
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Eye “R” Glasses: Development of an Infrared Sensor System for Detecting the Human Body
Throughout the years, sensors have been an integral part of automation, alert, and medical systems. Many of these systems measure physiological characteristics of the human body to alert themselvesExpand
Workshop and panel discussions
Summary form only given. Have you ever wondered how other companies organize their ESD design teams? Join us as we attempt to benchmark successful organization strategies as practiced by WorkshopExpand
Mmdd { a Distributed Meta-media Simulation Framework
We describe an experimental system supporting the creation of highly interactive simulations which are rich in media and structure. Strengths include author-modiiable schema, author-reconngurableExpand
Reduction of overwelding and distortion for naval surface combatants. Part 2: Weld sizing effects on shear and fatigue performance
As high-strength thinner-steel implementation in ship designs increase, dimensional management becomes critical to control construction costs and schedule in ship production. In the U.S. shipbuildingExpand
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