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Rousseau: A Very Short Introduction
1. Life and times of a citizen of Geneva 2. Culture, music, and the Corruption of Morals 3. Human nature and civil society 4. Liberty, virtue and citizenship 5. Religion, education, and sexuality 6.Expand
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Man and Society : Political and Social Theories from Machiavelli to Marx
Editors' Preface. Preface. Introduction. 1. Montesquieu. 2. Hume. 3. Burke. 4. Rousseau. 5. From Bentham to John Stuart Mill. 6. The Early Socialists, French and English I. 7. The Early Socialists,Expand
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The Enlightenment and the French Revolutionary Birth Pangs of Modernity
It is as true of the human sciences as of the sciences of nature that, by and large, only the most recent formulations of their overriding principles are deemed worthy of scientific scrutiny. TheExpand
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Isaiah Berlin's enlightenment and counter-enlightenment
Isaiah Berlin often compared himself to a tailor who only cuts his cloth on commission, or to a taxi driver who goes nowhere without first being hailed, a journeyman philosopher, rather like Locke’sExpand
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