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The Discursive Construction of National Identity
How do we construct national identities in discourse? Which topics, which discursive strategies and which linguistic devices are employed to construct national sameness and uniqueness on the oneExpand
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The discourse-historical approach (DHA)
We start our chapter by introducing the notions of ‘critique’,‘ideology’ and ‘power’. These three concepts are constitutive for every approach in CDA, albeit frequently employed with differentExpand
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A useful methodological synergy? Combining critical discourse analysis and corpus linguistics to examine discourses of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK press
This article discusses the extent to which methods normally associated with corpus linguistics can be effectively used by critical discourse analysts. Our research is based on the analysis of aExpand
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Discourse and Discrimination : Rhetorics of Racism and Antisemitism
Preface. Chapter 1. 'Race', Racism and Discourse. Chapter 2. The Linguistic and Rhetorical Analysis of racism and Antisemitism. Chapter 3. The Coding of a Taboo: Antisemitic Discourse in PostwarExpand
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Legitimizing Immigration Control: A Discourse-Historical Analysis
Austrian immigration authorities frequently reject the family reunion applications of immigrant workers. They justify their decisions not only on legal grounds but also on the basis of their ownExpand
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Methods of critical discourse analysis
What CDA is About - Ruth Wodak A Summary of It's History, Important Concepts and It's Development Between Theory, Method and Politics - Michael Meyer Positioning of the Approach to CDA Discourse andExpand
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The Politics of Fear: What Right-Wing Populist Discourses Mean
  • R. Wodak
  • Political Science
  • 21 September 2015
Chapter 1: Populism and Politics: Transgressing Norms and Taboos Chapter 2: Theories and Definitions: The Politics of Identity Chapter 3: Protecting Borders and the People: The Politics of ExclusionExpand
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Methods of text and discourse analysis
PART ONE: TEXTS AND METHODS On Social-Research Methods of Text Analysis What Is a Text? How to Obtain Material for Analysis An Overview Map of Methods and Theories PART TWO: OVERVIEW OF METHODS OFExpand
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