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Foundations of module and ring theory
This volume provides a comprehensive introduction to module theory and the related part of ring theory, including original results as well as the most recent work. It is a useful and stimulating
Corings and Comodules
Preface Notations 1. Coalgebras and comodules 2. Bialgebras and hopf algebras 3. Corings and comodules 4. Corings and extensions of rings 5. Corings and entwining structures 6. Weak corings and
Modules and algebras - bimodule structure on group actions on algebras
  • R. Wisbauer
  • Mathematics
    Pitman monographs and surveys in pure and applied…
  • 1996
Basic notions modules over associative algebras torsion theories and prime modules tensor products local-global techniques radicals of algebras modules for algebras separable and biregular algebras
On Coprime Modules and Comodules
Many observations about coalgebras were inspired by comparable situations for algebras. Despite the prominent role of prime algebras, the theory of a corresponding notion for coalgebras was not well
Bimonads and Hopf monads on categories
The purpose of this paper is to develop a theory of bimonads and Hopf monads on arbitrary categories thus providing the possibility to transfer the essentials of the theory of Hopf algebras in vector
On Galois Comodules
Generalizing the notion of Galois corings, Galois comodules were introduced as comodules P over an A-coring 𝒞 for which P A is finitely generated and projective and the evaluation map μ𝒞:Hom 𝒞 (P,
Weak Corings
Entwined structures (A,C, ψ) were introduced by Brzeziński and Majid to study the interdependence of an R-algebra A and an R-coalgebra C, R a commutative ring. It turned out that this relationship
Ikeda-Nakayama modules.
Let SMR be an (S,R)-bimodule and denote lS(A) = {s ∈ S : sA = 0} for any submodule A of MR. Extending the notion of an Ikeda-Nakayama ring, we investigate the condition lS(A ∩ B) = lS(A) + lS(B) for