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A Framework for Customer Relationship Management
The essence of the information technology revolution and, in particular, the World Wide Web is the opportunity afforded companies to choose how they interact with their customers. The Web allowsExpand
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The Impact of New Product Introductions on the Market Value of Firms
Although many mechanisms exist for the evaluation of new products, none have specifically examined the role that financial markets can play in measuring the impact of new products on firms. UsingExpand
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Empirical Generalizations from Reference Price Research
Considerable theoretical justification for consumers' use of psychological reference points exists from the research literature. From a managerial perspective, one of the most important applicationsExpand
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A Reference Price Model of Brand Choice for Frequently Purchased Products
A brand choice model that incorporates both reference and observed prices is proposed for frequently purchased products. The model is composed of a probability-of-purchase component and aExpand
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The Interplay among Category Characteristics, Customer Characteristics, and Customer Activities on in-Store Decision Making
The authors explore product category and customer characteristics that affect consumers’ likelihood of engaging in unplanned purchases. In addition, they examine consumer activities that canExpand
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An Empirical Analysis of Price Endings with Scanner Data
Several consumer behavior theories have been offered to explain the preponderance of prices that end in the digit 9. This study attempts to incorporate these proposed behaviors into the implicitExpand
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Endogeneity in Brand Choice Models
Applications of random utility models to scanner data have been widely presented in marketing for the last 20 years. One particular problem with these applications is that they have ignored possibleExpand
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Predicting Advertising success beyond Traditional Measures: New Insights from Neurophysiological Methods and Market Response Modeling
In the past decade, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of neurophysiological methods to better understand marketing phenomena among academics and practitioners. However, the value ofExpand
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New Communications Approaches in Marketing: Issues and Research Directions
In the early part of the 21st century, the media landscape has been dramatically affected by the introduction of new, largely digital media. This increase in the number of media has been drivenExpand
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An Empirical Analysis of Internal and External Reference Prices Using Scanner Data
Single-source yogurt data are used to examine whether both internal and external reference prices affect purchase decisions. Internal reference prices are memory-resident prices based on actual,Expand
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