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Structural Health Management for Future Aerospace Vehicles
Structural Health Management (SHM) will be of critical importance to provide the safety, reliability and affordability necessary for the future long duration space missions described in America'sExpand
Electric Field Effects on Fiber Alignment Using an Auxiliary Electrode during Electrospinning
Control of electrospun fiber placement and distribution was investigated by examining the effect of electric field parameters on the electrospinning of fibers. The experimental set-up used in thisExpand
3-D printing of multifunctional carbon nanotube yarn reinforced components
Abstract Continuous carbon nanotube (CNT) yarn filaments can be employed as an inherently multifunctional feedstock for additive manufacturing (AM). With this material, it becomes possible to use aExpand
Validation Test Results for Orthogonal Probe Eddy Current Thruster Inspection System
Summary An extensive validation of the orthogonal probe eddy current system for the detection of intergranular cracking in the relief radius of primary reaction control system thrusters has beenExpand
Polyaniline/carbon nanotube sheet nanocomposites: fabrication and characterization.
The PANI/CNT nanocomposites demonstrated significant improvement in mechanical properties compared to pristine CNT sheets, including the highest specific tensile strength and the highest DC-electrical conductivity. Expand
Assessment of carbon nanotube yarns as reinforcement for composite overwrapped pressure vessels
Abstract Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are one-dimensional nanomaterials with outstanding electrical and thermal conductivities and mechanical properties. Recent advances in CNT manufacturing have madeExpand
Toward high performance thermoset/carbon nanotube sheet nanocomposites via resistive heating assisted infiltration and cure.
The improved wetting and adhesion of the polymer resin to the CNT reinforcement yield significant improvement of thermoset/CNT nanocomposite mechanical properties. Expand
Effect of a substrate-induced microstructure on the optical properties of the insulator-metal transition temperature in VO2 thin films
Using both Raman spectroscopy and direct laser reflectivity measurements, we investigate the optical properties of vanadium dioxide (VO2) thin films deposited on different substrates as they undergoExpand
Surface plasmon resonance modulation in nanopatterned Au gratings by the insulator-metal transition in vanadium dioxide films.
The viability of SPP ultrafast modulation for sensing or control is postulated using the thermally-induced insulator-to-metal phase transition (IMT) in VO2. Expand
Nondestructive Evaluation for the Space Shuttle's Wing Leading Edge
** The loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia highlighted concerns about the integrity of the Shuttle’s thermal protection system, which includes Reinforced Carbon-Carbon (RCC) on the leading edge. ThisExpand