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Structure and Function of South-east Australian Estuaries
Abstract An attempt is made to synthesize the geological properties, water quality attributes and aspects of the ecology of south-east Australian estuaries so as to provide a framework for addressingExpand
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The potential for estradiol and ethinylestradiol degradation in English rivers.
Water samples were collected in spring, summer, and winter from English rivers in urban/industrial (River Aire and River Calder, Yorkshire, UK) and rural environments (River Thames, Oxfordshire, UK)Expand
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A model to estimate influent and effluent concentrations of estradiol, estrone, and ethinylestradiol at sewage treatment works.
To predict sewage influent and effluent concentrations of the steroid estrogens 17beta-estradiol, estrone, and 17alpha-ethinylestradiol, a review of human excretion was carried out. This includedExpand
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Steroid estrogens profiles along river stretches arising from sewage treatment works discharges.
Concentrations of estradiol, estrone, and ethinylestradiol were measured in the water column (daily for 28 or 14 days) and in the bed sediment (weekly over the same period) of the River Nene and theExpand
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The potential for estradiol and ethinylestradiol to sorb to suspended and bed sediments in some English rivers.
The endocrine-disrupting impact of steroid estrogens on fish will be strongly influenced by their distribution between sediment and water. Laboratory studies were performed to investigate theExpand
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The potential steroid hormone contribution of farm animals to freshwaters, the United Kingdom as a case study.
The combined farm animal population is considerably larger than the human one in the United Kingdom, implying a possibly important contribution to the environmental load of steroid hormones enteringExpand
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Role of river bed sediments as sources and sinks of phosphorus across two major eutrophic UK river basins: the Hampshire Avon and Herefordshire Wye
The Equilibrium Phosphorus Concentration (EPC0) of river bed sediments has been measured for a wide range of agricultural subcatchments and main river sites across two major eutrophic river basins:Expand
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Predicted Exposures to Steroid Estrogens in U.K. Rivers Correlate with Widespread Sexual Disruption in Wild Fish Populations
Steroidal estrogens, originating principally from human excretion, are likely to play a major role in causing widespread endocrine disruption in wild populations of the roach (Rutilus rutilus), aExpand
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Impacts of climate change on the fate and behaviour of pesticides in surface and groundwater--A UK perspective.
Over the last two decades significant effort has been dedicated to understanding the fate and transport of pesticides in surface water and groundwater and to use this understanding in the developmentExpand
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An assessment of the fate, behaviour and environmental risk associated with sunscreen TiO₂ nanoparticles in UK field scenarios.
The fate of Ti was examined in an activated sludge plant serving over 200,000 people. These studies revealed a decrease of 30 to 3.2 μg/L of Ti < 0.45 μm from influent to effluent and a calculated TiExpand
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