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An ultrastructural analysis of the developing embryonic pancreas.
The morphological observations of this study are consistent with the previously proposed biphasic model of differentiation for the exocrine and endocrine B cells, and the development of specific organelles correlates with the pattern of accumulation of the specific exocrine proteins and insulin. Expand
Dosing of contrast material to prevent contrast nephropathy in patients with renal disease.
In patients with diabetes and renal impairment, it may be preferable to perform angiography as a staged procedure or to utilize alternative techniques to obtain the desired information rather than to exceed the prescribed contrast limit. Expand
Poloxamer 407-mediated changes in plasma cholesterol and triglycerides following intraperitoneal injection to rats.
The results provide suggestive evidence that the mechanism responsible for the elevation of plasma cholesterol following intraperitoneal injection of a poloxamer 407 solution (30% w/w) to rats may be due to stimulation of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-co-enzyme A reductase activity in the liver by thePoloxamer vehicle. Expand
Evaluation of the single nephron glomerular filtration coefficient in the dog.
It is shown that at normal arterial pressures the interposition of an oil block in the proximal tubule and the consequent interruption of distal tubular flow may lead to an overestimation of GP and SNGFR, renal arterial pressure was reduced to the lower level of the autoregulatory range. Expand
Effect of glucagon on serum insulin, plasma glucose and free fatty acids in man.
It is suggested that glucagon can directly stimulate insulin release and, in 2 patients with von Gierke's disease, elevated IRI values without raising the blood glucose. Expand
Effect of severe stress upon thyroid function.
Hemodynamic and single nephron function during the maintenance phase of ischemic acute renal failure in the dog.
One major characteristic of ischemic nephropathy in the dog is a derangement in the filtration process, and the maintenance of RBF in the postischemic phase may occur by utilization of the autoregulatory reserve of the renal vasculature. Expand
Early differentiation of glucagon-producing cells in embryonic pancreas: a possible developmental role for glucagon.
Observations suggest that glucagon may have a regulatory function in early embryogenesis, and is present in the embryo much earlier than the metabolic processes thought to be controlled by this hormone. Expand