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The Land Called Holy: Palestine in Christian History and Thought
1. To Possess the Land 2. Within my Holy Borders 3. Blessed are the Meek for They Shall Possess the Land 4. Heavenly Jerusalem the Mother of us All 5. A New Jerusalem Set Over Against the Old 6. AtExpand
The ambiguous role of cultural moderators in intercultural business negotiations
Many modern business negotiations cross borders, and one plausible idea for successfully managing such negotiations is to equip negotiation teams with a “cultural moderator,” an individual who hasExpand
Measuring willingness to pay as a range, revisited: When should we care?
Recent research has conceptualized consumers’ willingness to pay (WTP) as a range rather than as a single point. However, there are important gaps in this research stream: The existing method toExpand
The Christians as the Romans Saw Them
A revealing, and troubling, view of today's American high school students and the ways they pursue high grades and success. Veteran teacher Denise Pope follows five highly regarded students through aExpand
The Origins of Anti-Semitism: Attitudes toward Judaism in Pagan and Christian Antiquity@@@John Chrysostom and the Jews: Rhetoric and Reality in the Late 4th Century
A revisionist reading of early anti-Judaism, in which the author challenges the prevailing opinion and offers a richer picture than ever before of the Jews and Christians of antiquity. 'A veryExpand
Steering Sales Reps Through Cost Information: An Investigation into the Black Box of Cognitive References and Negotiation Behavior
As previous research demonstrates, few firms provide full pricing authority to their sales representatives (in the following: sales reps), and those sales representatives who do have full pricingExpand
The First Thousand Years: A Global History of Christianity
How did a community that was largely invisible in the first two centuries of its existence go on to remake the civilizations it inhabited, culturally, politically, and intellectually? Beginning withExpand