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The impact of nitrogen starvation on the dynamics of triacylglycerol accumulation in nine microalgae strains.
Microalgae-derived lipids are an alternative to vegetable and fossil oils, but lipid content and quality vary among microalgae strains. Selection of a suitable strain for lipid production isExpand
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Microalgal production--a close look at the economics.
UNLABELLED Worldwide, microalgal biofuel production is being investigated. It is strongly debated which type of production technology is the most adequate. Microalgal biomass production costs wereExpand
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Enclosed outdoor photobioreactors: light regime, photosynthetic efficiency, scale-up, and future prospects.
Enclosed outdoor photobioreactors need to be developed and designed for large-scale production of phototrophic microorganisms. Both light regime and photosynthetic efficiency were analyzed inExpand
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Harvesting of microalgae by bio-flocculation
The high-energy input for harvesting biomass makes current commercial microalgal biodiesel production economically unfeasible. A novel harvesting method is presented as a cost and energy efficientExpand
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Metabolic modeling of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii: energy requirements for photoautotrophic growth and maintenance
In this study, a metabolic network describing the primary metabolism of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii was constructed. By performing chemostat experiments at different growth rates, energy parameters forExpand
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Nitrogen and phosphorus removal from municipal wastewater effluent using microalgal biofilms.
Microalgal biofilms have so far received little attention as post-treatment for municipal wastewater treatment plants, with the result that the removal capacity of microalgal biofilms inExpand
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Cell disruption for microalgae biorefineries.
Microalgae are a potential source for various valuable chemicals for commercial applications ranging from nutraceuticals to fuels. Objective in a biorefinery is to utilize biomass ingredientsExpand
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Cultivation of Marine Sponges
Abstract: There is increasing interest in biotechnological production of marine sponge biomass owing to the discovery of many commercially important secondary metabolites in this group of animals. InExpand
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Simultaneous growth and neutral lipid accumulation in microalgae.
In this paper the hypothesis was tested whether TAG accumulation serves as an energy sink when microalgae are exposed to an energy imbalance caused by nutrient limitation. In our continuous cultureExpand
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Carotenoid and fatty acid metabolism in light‐stressed Dunaliella salina
β‐Carotene is overproduced in the alga Dunaliella salina in response to high light intensities. We have studied the effects of a sudden light increase on carotenoid and fatty acid metabolism using aExpand
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