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Remote imaging in the ultraviolet using intensified and nonintensified CCDs
Recent advances in charge-coupled device (CCD) coatings and manufacturing have resulting in CCDs sensitive to short UV wavelengths. These UV-enhanced CCDs can be used to image in the UV without theExpand
Updated Reference Design of a Liquid-Metal-Cooled Tandem Mirror Fusion Breeder
The current version of a reference design for a liquid-metal-cooled tandem mirror fusion breeder (fusion-fission hybrid reactor) is summarized. The design update incorporates the results of severalExpand
PRA quality and use
This report deals with several inter-related aspects of probabilistic risk assessment. Some prior opinion regarding quality assurance, methodology and questions of peer review are reviewed, followedExpand
Advanced Commercial Tokamak Optimization Studies
Our recent studies have concentrated on developing optimal high beta (bean-shaped plasma) commercial tokamak configurations using TRW's Tokamak Reactor Systems Code (TRSC) with special emphasis onExpand
An Inherently Safe Tandem Mirror Fusion Blanket Concept
This paper describes a concept for a high performance, inherently safe fusion reactor blanket using helium coolant, beryllium multiplier, lithium breeder and a vanadium alloy structure. The goals ofExpand
An Assessment of Multiplexed Deployment of Advanced Commercial Tokamaks
Commercial power production is a long-term goal of the development of fusion technology. Recently, concern about the economics of fusion power production has prompted new studies of potentialExpand
Design of a Helium-Cooled Molten-Salt Fusion Breeder
A new conceptual blanket design for a fusion reactor produces fissile material for fission power plants. Fission is suppressed by using beryllium, rather than uranium, to multiply neutrons and alsoExpand
Feasibility study of a fission-suppressed tokamak fusion breeder
The preliminary conceptual design of a tokamak fissile fuel producer is described. The blanket technology is based on the fission suppressed breeding concept where neutron multiplication occurs in aExpand