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Cellular Automata and Fractal Urban Form: A Cellular Modelling Approach to the Evolution of Urban Land-Use Patterns
Cellular automata belong to a family of discrete, connectionist techniques being used to investigate fundamental principles of dynamics, evolution, and self-organization. Expand
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High-resolution integrated modelling of the spatial dynamics of urban and regional systems
Abstract An emerging branch of geocomputing involves the modelling of spatial processes. A variety of techniques are being used, the most important being traditional regionalized system dynamicsExpand
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The Use of Constrained Cellular Automata for High-Resolution Modelling of Urban Land-Use Dynamics
A cellular automaton is specified to give a spatially detailed representation of the evolution of urban land-use patterns. Expand
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Epistemic Permissiveness
A rational person doesn't believe just anything. There are limits on what it is rational to believe. How wide are these limits? That's the main question that interests me here. But a secondaryExpand
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Automatic External Defibrillators for Public Access Defibrillation: Recommendations for Specifying and Reporting Arrhythmia Analysis Algorithm Performance, Incorporating New Waveforms, and Enhancing
These recommendations are presented to enhance the safety and efficacy of AEDs intended for public access. The task force recommends that manufacturers present developmental and validation data onExpand
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Hierarchical fuzzy pattern matching for the regional comparison of land use maps
The evaluation of the spatial similarities and land use change between two raster maps is traditionally based on pixel-by-pixel comparison techniques. Expand
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Problems for Dogmatism
I argue that its appearing to you that P does not provide justification for believing that P unless you have independent justification for the denial of skeptical alternatives – hypothesesExpand
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Immigrant-trade links, transplanted home bias and network effects
Macro-level data for the US and 73 trading partners spanning the years 1980 to 2001 is used with a gravity specification to investigate the influence of immigration on bilateral trade. Prior researchExpand
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The nuclear receptor co-repressor Nrip1 (RIP140) is essential for female fertility
Ovulatory dysfunction is the commonest cause of female infertility. Here we show that the co-repressor nuclear-receptor-interacting protein 1 (Nrip1; encoded by the gene Nrip1) is essential forExpand
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Defining and simulating open-ended novelty: requirements, guidelines, and challenges
The open-endedness of a system is often defined as a continual production of novelty. Expand
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