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Capital structure, executive compensation, and investment efficiency
This paper examines how the similarity between the executive compensation leverage ratio and the firm leverage ratio affects the quality of the firm’s investment decisions. A larger leverage gapExpand
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Do Corporate Managers Skimp on Shareholders' Dividends to Protect their Own Retirement Funds?
What is the impact of long-term executive compensation, particularly large pension payouts, on the firm's current dividend policy? We argue that managers with high pension holdings are less likely toExpand
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Isolation and characterization of cross-reactive allergenic components in Callistemon citrinis and Melaleuca quinquenervia pollen by trans-blot enzyme-linked crossed immunoelectrophoresis.
Antigenic extracts obtained from Callistemon citrinis (bottle brush) and Melaleuca quinquenervia (melaleuca) pollen were analyzed by crossed immunoelectrophoresis (CIE), tandem-crossedExpand
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Allergenic cross-reactivity between Callistemon citrinis and Melaleuca quinquenervia pollens.
Aqueous extracts of both Callistemon citrinis (bottlebrush) and Melaleuca quinquenervia (melaleuca) were analyzed for allergenic cross-reactivity. Inhibition analysis using the radioallergosorbentExpand
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Is Bitcoin a currency, a technology-based product, or something else?
Abstract Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have fascinated technologists and investors alike. They have become prevalent, with over 2,000 Bitcoin-like cryptocurrencies now in use. Most jurisdictionsExpand
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Legitimate firms or hackers - who is winning the global cyber war?
In order to enable reliable service products, the internet of things (IoT) technology infrastructure must withstand global hacking events. How is the IoT faring in the cyber security war? Is itExpand
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The Buffett critique: volatility and long-dated options
In his 2008 letter to shareholders, Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, criticizes the ability of the Black-Scholes model to accurately price long-dated options. Buffet discussesExpand