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National Parties in the European Parliament
The European Parliament’s increased legislative role in recent years means that its actions are now more likely to have an impact on national parties’ policy choices and, indirectly, on theirExpand
Rivalry on the right: The Conservatives, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and the EU issue
Multi-party politics alters the dynamics of party competition in Westminster elections. In a case study of the Conservative Party and the UK Independence Party (UKIP), theories of niche versusExpand
Explaining Support for the UK Independence Party at the 2009 European Parliament Elections
The UK Independence Party (UKIP) achieved its best result in the 2009 European elections, beating the governing Labour Party into second place. Despite its recent success we still know relativelyExpand
The European Parliament's Committees: National Party Influence and Legislative Empowerment
1. Introduction: Studying a Changing Parliament 2. Committees and National Parties in the European Parliament: Responding to Legislative Empowerment 3. The Development of the European Parliament'sExpand
Tenure, turnover and careers in the European Parliament: MEPs as policy-seekers
ABSTRACT Given the considerable increase in its powers over recent decades, this article asks how far the European Parliament (EP) is an attractive place to build a legislative career. Using a theoryExpand
The UK Independence Party: Understanding a Niche Party's Strategy, Candidates and Supporters
The UK Independence Party (UKIP) came second in the 2009 European elections, but niche parties associated with a single issue face a dilemma about how to progress. On one hand, if they move too farExpand
A Case of ‘You Can Always Get What You Want’? Committee Assignments in the European Parliament
Committees are central to the operation of the European Parliament (EP), providing fora for the detailed consideration of legislative proposals. This article provides the first systematic assessmentExpand
A Loveless Marriage: The Conservatives and the European People's Party
The Conservatives are allied members of the European People’s Party–European Democrats (EPP–ED) group in the European Parliament. But the link with the pro-European EPP has been a contentious issueExpand
Where There is Discord, Can They Bring Harmony? Managing Intra-Party Dissent on European Integration in the Conservative Party
Research Highlights and Abstract The Conservative Party became more united around a soft Eurosceptic position in opposition, but internal divisions are evident on the scale and pace of change to theExpand
Party Control in a Committee-Based Legislature? The Case of the European Parliament
Does a strong committee system reduce the ability of political parties to dominate a parliament? This article seeks to answer this question in the case of the European Parliament (EP). Specifically,Expand