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Thermal Equilibrium of the Atmosphere with a Given Distribution of Relative Humidity
Abstract Radiative convective equilibrium of the atmosphere with a given distribution of relative humidity is computed as the asymptotic state of an initial value problem. The results show that itExpand
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Cloud Feedback Processes in a General Circulation Model
Abstract The influence of the cloud feedback process upon the sensitivity of climate is investigated by comparing the behavior of two versions of a climate model with predicted and prescribed cloudExpand
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Global cooling after the eruption of Mount Pinatubo: a test of climate feedback by water vapor.
The sensitivity of Earth's climate to an external radiative forcing depends critically on the response of water vapor. We use the global cooling and drying of the atmosphere that was observed afterExpand
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Increasing risk of great floods in a changing climate
Radiative effects of anthropogenic changes in atmospheric composition are expected to cause climate changes, in particular an intensification of the global water cycle with a consequent increase inExpand
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The Effects of Doubling the CO2 Concentration on the climate of a General Circulation Model
Abstract An attempt is made to estimate the temperature changes resulting from doubling the present CO2 concentration by the use of a simplified three-dimensional general circulation model. ThisExpand
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Intercomparison and interpretation of climate feedback processes in 19 atmospheric general circulation models
The need to understand differences among general circulation model projections of CO2-induced climatic change has motivated the present study, which provides an intercomparison and interpretation ofExpand
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Simulation of hydrologic changes associated with global warming
[1] Using the results obtained from a coupled ocean-atmosphere-land model with medium computational resolution, we investigated how the hydrology of the continents changes in response to the combinedExpand
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Large-Scale Changes of Soil Wetness Induced by an Increase in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
Abstract The change in soil wetness in response to an increase of atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide is investigated by two versions of a climate model which consists of a generalExpand
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Transient response of a coupled model to estimated changes in greenhouse gas and sulfate concentrations
This study investigates changes in surface air temperature (SAT), hydrology and the thermohaline circulation due to the the radiative forcing of anthropogenic greenhouse gases and the directExpand
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The Effects of Changing the Solar Constant on the Climate of a General Circulation Model
Abstract A study is conducted to evaluate the response of a simplified three-dimensional model climate to changes of the solar constant. The model explicitly computes the heat transport byExpand
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