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Quaternary uplift of southern Italy
Dramatic coastline changes demonstrate rapid Quaternary uplift of Calabria in southern Italy. Because most of the west (Tyrrhenian Sea) coast is normal fault bounded, previous work has asserted thatExpand
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Present‐day kinematics of the Middle East and eastern Mediterranean
The Middle East and eastern Mediterranean regions contain three major strike-slip fault zones: the Dead Sea fault zone (DSFZ) and the North and East Anatolian fault zones (NAFZ and EAFZ). TheseExpand
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Uplift-driven valley incision and climate-controlled river terrace development in the Thames Valley, UK
Abstract The sequence of terraces of the River Thames in southeast England has previously been shown to span the period from the earliest Pleistocene to the present. This terrace sequence containsExpand
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Climatically controlled river terrace staircases: A worldwide Quaternary phenomenon
A comparison of fluvial terrace sequences from around the world, based on data collected as part of International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) Project No. 449, has revealed significant patterns. RiverExpand
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Kinematics of the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean Updated
A revised quantitative, internally consistent, kinematic model has been determined for the present-day relative plate motions in the eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions, based on aExpand
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The earthquake of 1980 November 23 in Campania—Basilicata (southern Italy)
Summary Teleseismic waveforms, local ground acceleration, elevation changes, surface faulting and aftershocks are used to investigate the three-dimensional geometry of fault movement in theExpand
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Seismic moment summation for historical earthquakes in Italy: Tectonic implications
Tectonic deformation rates in and around the Apennine mountains of Italy are studied using seismic moments estimated from macroseismic effects of historical earthquakes. Northeastward extension inExpand
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Earthquake mechanisms in the Hellenic Trench near Crete
SUMMARY In the Hellenic Trench south of Crete convergence between the southern Aegean Sea and Africa occurs at a rate of at least 60 mm yr-1. Previously published first motion fault planeExpand
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The Quaternary uplift history of central southern England : evidence from the terraces of the Solent River system and nearby raised beaches.
Abstract We have used fluvial (Solent River system) and marine terraces to reconstruct the uplift history of central southern England. In the case of the former, we make the assumption that fluvialExpand
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Kinematic consistency between the Dead Sea Fault Zone and the Neogene and Quaternary left-lateral faulting in SE Turkey
A revised quantitative kinematic model has been determined for the Dead Sea Fault Zone (DSFZ) and the left-lateral fault zones in SE Turkey. The relative motions of the African and Arabian platesExpand
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