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Phonon Dispersion Curves in Bismuth
Dispersion curves for phonons propagating in the trigonal direction in bismuth at room temperature and at 75°K have been obtained in a neutron inelastic scattering experiment. Expand
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Observation of Solitons in Stimulated Raman Scattering
Anomalous pump-depletion reversal in stimulated Raman scattering has been observed and is interpreted as the development of a soliton induced by a random phase shift in the injected Stokes beam. TheExpand
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The crystal structure of niobium monoxide
BUSING, W. R. & LEVY, H. A. (1957). Acta Cryst. 10, 180. CROMER, D. Z. & LARSON, A. C. (1956). Acta Cryst. 9, 1015. CRUICKSHANK, D. W. J. (1961). In Computing Methods and the Phase Problem in X-rayExpand
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Rapid recording of infrared spectra from pulsed chemical lasers
A method is described for rapidly recording permanent ir spectrograms of the output of a pulsed chemical laser. The method also lends itself to the simultaneous observation of the time behavior ofExpand
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Neutron Diffraction Study of Ice Polymorphs under Helium Pressure
Neutron diffraction studies of several of the D2O ice polymorphs were made with helium pressures to 3.5 kbar. Volume compressions (ΔV / V) were obtained for ices Ih, Ic, and IX at 2.1 to 2.8 kbar.Expand
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Oscillations of Gaussian beam parameters in periodic lens waveguides (A)
Abstract Gaussian beams propagating through periodic thin-lens waveguides are found to oscillate in Rayleigh range and waist longitudinal position. A differential expansion of expressions derivedExpand
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Aspects of soliton propagation in stimulated Raman scattering
Numerical solutions are obtained to the equations describing SRS for optical pulses of finite duration. (AIP)
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Stimulated rotational Raman scattering in CO 2 -pumped para-H 2
Stimulated rotational Raman scattering in a 300 K multipass cell filled with para-H 2 with a single-mode CO 2 pump laser was studied using a single-mode OPO as a probe laser at the Stokes frequencyExpand
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