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Cobalt and secondary poisoning in the terrestrial food chain: data review and research gaps to support risk assessment.
The soil-to-plant transfer of Co appears to be viable route to expose lower trophic levels to biologically significant concentrations and Co is potentially accumulated in biomass and top soil and discusses the toxicology and potential for bio magnification and food chain accumulation. Expand
A Preliminary Study of the Phycological Degradation of Natural Stone Masonry
Lab studies have commenced in Paisley to study the effect of photoautotrophs on the major sedimentary rock forming minerals, revealing biologically mediated etching of minerals, a well-defined pH profile over a period of 90 days, as well as a variety of elemental release patterns for the different minerals. Expand
Amending Sand with Isolite and Zeolite under Saline Conditions: Leachate Composition and Salt Deposition
Understanding the possible influence of inorganic soil amendments on salt leaching and deposition is helpful in selecting soil amendments when salinity is a problem. Greenhouse experiments wereExpand
Effect of environmental parameters on the degradability of polymer films in laboratory-scale composting reactors
Previous research in our laboratory reported a convenient laboratory-scale composting test method to study the weight loss of polymer films in aerobic thermophilic (53°C) reactors maintained at a 60%Expand