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Lapita and the temporal geography of prehistory
Ambrose (this issue, above) and Sand (this issue, above) reported on Lapita in the specific, without being parochial in their concerns. This paper looks at the largest Lapita picture, but is itselfExpand
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Language and Culture on the North Coast of New Guinea
Statistical analysis of variability in assemblages of material culture obtained at different villages on the North Coast of New Guinea indicates that similarities and differences among theseExpand
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Predicting Similarity in Material Culture among New Guinea Villages from Propinquity and Language: A Log-linear Approach [and Comments and Reply]
Application d'une echelle logarithmique specifique a l'etude d'assemblages d'artefacts provenant de villages de la cote nord de Nouvelle-Guinee : le but des auteurs est de presenter une methodeExpand
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The Rise of the Modern Jamu Industry in Indonesia: A Preliminary Overview
Jamu is the Indonesian term for indigenous medicines usually prepared from herbal materials such as leaves, bark, roots and flowers. Each of the more than 300 major ethnic groups that make up modernExpand
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New Guinea art : masterpieces from the Jolika Collection of Marcia and John Friede
The appeal of New Guinea's art lies in the people's extraordinary resourcefulness and creativity. For centuries, they have made objects in order to communicate with the spirit world. Many pieces,Expand
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Historical ethnology : The context and meaning of the A. B. Lewis Collection
The A. examines the context in which A. B. Lewis assembled one of the largest museum collections of Melanesian material culture in 1909-1913. He examines the role such collections had for museums andExpand
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History, Phylogeny, and Evolution in Polynesia [and Comments and Reply]
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Primary Health Care and Local Self Determination: Policy Implications from Rural Papua New Guinea
One innovative feature of the Alma-Ata Declaration and World Health Organization's model of Primary Health Care (PHC) is a concern for community participation and local self-determination, i.e., thatExpand
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Trade Networks, Areal Integration, and Diversity along the North Coast of New Guinea
THE A. B. LEWIS COLLECTION of material culture from New Guinea and the smaller islands of Melanesia comprises more than fourteen thousand ethnographic objects at Field Museum of Natural HistoryExpand
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Hunting the gatherers : ethnographic collectors, agents and agency in Melanesia, 1870s-1930s
Introduction M. O'Hanlon Chapter 1. Gathering for God: George Brown and the Christian Economy in the Collection of Artefacts H. Gardner Chapter 2. Exploring Tensions in Material Culture:Expand
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