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Endoscopy for GSp(4) and the Cohomology of Siegel Modular Threefolds
An Application of the Hard Lefschetz Theorem.- CAP-Localization.- The Ramanujan Conjecture for Genus two Siegel modular Forms.- Character identities and Galois representations related to the groupExpand
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Weil Conjectures, Perverse Sheaves and l'Adic Fourier Transform
I. The General Weil Conjectures (Deligne's Theory of Weights).- II. The Formalism of Derived Categories.- III. Perverse Sheaves.- IV. Lefschetz Theory and the Brylinski-Radon Transform.- V.Expand
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Vektorwertige Siegelsche Modulformen kleinen Gewichtes.
A stereo noise reduction circuit is disclosed having circuitry responsive to the automatic gain control voltage generated within an FM stereo receiver for reducing the noise associated with lowExpand
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The trace of Hecke operators on the space of classical holomorphic Siegel modular forms of genus two
We prove multiplicity one for vector valued holomorphic Siegel modular forms of weights greater or equal to 3 and the full Siegel modular group and give a trace formula for the action of the HeckeExpand
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Differentialformen zu Untergruppen der Siegelschen Modulgruppe zweiten Grades.
In einer fr heren Arbeit [W2] wurde im singul ren Bereich v < die o Struktur des Raumes der holomorphen alternierenden Differentialformen Ω(Ηη/Γ) auf den arithmetischen Quotienten Ηη/Γ untersucht.Expand
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Der Heckesche Umkehrsatz
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A Siegel cusp form of degree 12 and weight 12
The theta series of the two unimodular even positive definite lattices of rank 16 are known to be linearly dependent in degree at most 3 and linearly independent in degree 4. In this paper weExpand
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Vanishing theorems for constructible sheaves on abelian varieties
We show that the hypercohomology of most character twists of perverse sheaves on a complex abelian variety vanishes in all non-zero degrees. As a consequence we obtain a vanishing theorem forExpand
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Existence of Whittaker models related to four dimensional symplectic Galois representations
We show that an irreducible cuspidal automorphic representation of the group GSp(4,A), which is not CAP and whose infinite component belongs to the discrete series, is weakly equivalent to anExpand
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