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Millimeter-Wave Technology for Automotive Radar Sensors in the 77 GHz Frequency Band
The market for driver assistance systems based on millimeter-wave radar sensor technology is gaining momentum. In the near future, the full range of newly introduced car models will be equipped withExpand
Microwave electronics
Multimode TRL Calibration Technique for Characterization of Differential Devices
In this paper, a new comprehensive analytical derivation and discussion of the multimode thru-relfect-line (TRL) calibration based on the new generalized reverse cascade matrices is presented. TheExpand
Microwave acoustic materials, devices, and applications
This paper surveys applications of acoustic waves in microwave devices. After a general and historical introduction to bulk acoustic waves (BAWs), surface acoustic waves (SAWs), practical wave types,Expand
Spread spectrum communications using chirp signals
We report on the use of broadband chirp signals for spread spectrum systems in indoor applications. The presented system concepts make use of chirp transmission and pulse compression. DifferentExpand
Non-invasive respiratory movement detection and monitoring of hidden humans using ultra wideband pulse radar
In this paper a novel method for vital parameter detection using an ultra wideband (UWB) pulse radar is presented. By using sub-nanosecond pulses the displacement of a human chest due to respiratoryExpand
RF system concepts for highly integrated RFICs for W-CDMA mobile radio terminals
The standardization phase for third-generation wide-band CDMA systems like the universal mobile telecommunication system, which will add broad-band data to support video, Internet access, and otherExpand
SAW devices and their wireless communications applications
Due to the superior performance of SAW filters, combined with additional features, e.g., impedance transformation, balun functionality, and integration of two or even three filter functions into oneExpand
Six-Port Radar Sensor for Remote Respiration Rate and Heartbeat Vital-Sign Monitoring
A novel remote respiration and heartbeat monitoring sensor is presented. The device is a monostatic radar based on a six-port interferometer operating a continuous-wave signal at 24 GHz and aExpand
Embedded wafer level ball grid array (eWLB) technology for millimeter-wave applications
The embedded wafer level ball grid array (eWLB) is a novel packaging technology that shows excellent performance for millimeter-wave (mm-wave) applications. We present simulation and measurementExpand