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Supraorbital and supratrochlear notches and foramina: anatomical variations and surgical relevance
The anatomy of the supraorbital and supratrochlear notches and foramina has been studied in 111 human skulls. Of 108 skulls, 49.07% had bilateral supraorbital notches, 25.93% had bilateralExpand
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Comparison of SMAS plication with smas imbrication in face lifting
Undermining and imbricating the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) have been advocated by many recent authors to enhance the results of face lifting procedures. Because all undermining hasExpand
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Total and partial reconstruction of the lower lip with innervated musclebearing flaps.
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M-plasty techniques.
Conventional closure of surgical defects in skin may cause unsightly protrusions (dog ears). Fusiform excisions with angles of 30 degrees or less reduce protrusion but may require excision of largerExpand
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Changes in Submaxillary Gland Ribonucleic Acid Following Hypophysectomy, Thyroidectomy and Various Hormone Treatments.∗
Summary 1) A histochemical study of location and concentration of RNA in the major salivary glands was made in animals which had been subjected to various experimental procedures. It was noted thatExpand
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Trapdoor effect in nasolabial flaps. Causes and corrections.
The trapdoor effect is an elevated and bulging deformity of tissue within the semicircular confines of a U-, C-, or V-shaped scar. Various theories to explain this phenomenon are lymphatic and venousExpand
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The frontalis nerve in the temporal brow lift.
Brow elevations via the indirect temporal lift approach was carried out on a series of 26 cadaver half heads. The purpose of the dissection was to identify the course and depth of plane of theExpand
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Cigarette Smoking and Face Lift: Conservative versus Wide Undermining
The effects of cigarette smoking on the skin flaps of the face lift procedure are discussed. Reported elsewhere is a significant incidence of skin slough in smokers with use of wide underminingExpand
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Injectable silicone for facial soft-tissue augmentation.
Medical-grade injectable silicone has been safely and efficiently used for facial soft-tissue augmentation in 235 patients. Our 20-year experience with the microdroplet technique included 2,811Expand
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