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Tampering with the evidence: a critical appraisal of evidence-based policy-making
Recent enthusiasm for evidence-based policy-making in Australia has many sources. So-called ‘managerialist’ reforms to public administration have been significant, as has the diffusion of particularExpand
The Precarious Generation: A Political Economy of Young People
Many young people born since the early 1980s face unprecedented social and economic disadvantage. While they spend more time in education, even university graduates now find it difficult to accessExpand
A Critical Appraisal of Evidence-based Policy Making
'Evidence-based' policy making discourse is popular among a diverse range of policy communities. Following the United Kingdom, there is growing interest in evidence-based policy making in Australia.Expand
Talking Policy: How social policy is made
An introduction to the process of social policy making in Australia. The authors emphasise the intensely human and political nature of the development of social services and programs, illustratingExpand
Just the facts Ma’am: A critical appraisal of evidence-based policy
The evidence-based policy-making is becoming increasingly popular within a diverse range of policy communities. In Australia evidence-based policy has begun to reshape the social policy field,Expand
Caring for a febrile child: the quality of Internet information.
The quality of information on the Internet about the management of fever varied greatly, but was generally poor and factors to consider when using the Internet as an information source are indicated. Expand
Making numbers count: The birth of the census and racial government in Victoria, 1835–1840
In a context of a uncritical reliance by Australian historians on census data as a source of ‘historical evidence ‘, this paper argues that early colonial censuses played a key role in the processesExpand
«Discovering» Risk: Social Research and Policy Making
Anxiety about unemployment, homelessness, poverty and crime has always been around. Today, governments, experts and the media spend a lot of time talking about people at risk, the measurement andExpand