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A Global Map of Human Impact on Marine Ecosystems
The management and conservation of the world's oceans require synthesis of spatial data on the distribution and intensity of human activities and the overlap of their impacts on marine ecosystems. WeExpand
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Towards sustainability in world fisheries
Fisheries have rarely been 'sustainable'. Rather, fishing has induced serial depletions, long masked by improved technology, geographic expansion and exploitation of previously spurned species lowerExpand
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Response to Comments on "Impacts of Biodiversity Loss on Ocean Ecosystem Services"
We show that globally declining fisheries catch trends cannot be explained by random processes and are consistent with declining stock abundance trends. Future projections are inherently uncertainExpand
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Rebuilding Global Fisheries
Fighting for Fisheries In the debate concerning the future of the world's fisheries, some have forecasted complete collapse but others have challenged this view. The protagonists in this debate haveExpand
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Global Biodiversity: Indicators of Recent Declines
Global Biodiversity Target Missed In 2002, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) committed to a significant reduction in the rate of biodiversity loss by 2010. There has been widespreadExpand
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Estimating the Worldwide Extent of Illegal Fishing
Illegal and unreported fishing contributes to overexploitation of fish stocks and is a hindrance to the recovery of fish populations and ecosystems. This study is the first to undertake a world-wideExpand
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Background and interpretation of the ‘Marine Trophic Index’ as a measure of biodiversity
  • D. Pauly, R. Watson
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  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B…
  • 28 February 2005
Since the demonstration, in 1998, of the phenomenon now widely known as ‘fishing down marine food webs’, and the publication of a critical rejoinder by Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) staff,Expand
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Projecting global marine biodiversity impacts under climate change scenarios
Climate change can impact the pattern of marine biodiversity through changes in species’ distributions. However, global studies on climate change impacts on ocean biodiversity have not been performedExpand
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Shrinking of fishes exacerbates impacts of global ocean changes on marine ecosystems
In the ocean, biological responses to climate change include altered distribution, phenology and productivity. A modelling study into the integrated effects of these various changes on fish body sizeExpand
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Systematic distortions in world fisheries catch trends
Over 75% of the world marine fisheries catch (over 80 million tonnes per year) is sold on international markets, in contrast to other food commodities (such as rice). At present, only oneExpand
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