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Tree Insertion Grammar: Cubic-Time, Parsable Formalism that Lexicalizes Context-Free Grammar without Changing the Trees Produced
Tree insertion grammar (TIG) is a tree-based formalism that makes use of tree substitution and tree adjunction. TIG is related to tree adjoining grammar. However, the adjunction permitted in TIG isExpand
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The programmer's apprentice
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Locales: supporting large multiuser virtual environments
Creators of multiuser virtual environments naturally desire to make them large in spatial extent, large in numbers of objects, and large in numbers of users interacting with the environment. However,Expand
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The Requirements Apprentice: Automated Assistance for Requirements Acquisition
An automated tool called the Requirements Apprentice (RA) which assists a human analyst in the creation and modification of software requirements is presented. Unlike most other requirements analysisExpand
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Diamond Park and Spline: A Social Virtual Reality System with 3D Animation
Diamond Park is a social virtual reality system in which multiple geographically separated users can speak to each other and participate in joint activities. The central theme of the park is cycling.Expand
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Automatic programming: myths and prospects
The authors consider five common myths about automatic programming and expose the fallacies on which they rest. They attempt to provide an accurate picture of these systems in terms of what the userExpand
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The Programmer's Apprentice: A Session with KBEmacs
  • R. Waters
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
  • 1 November 1985
The Knowledge-Based Editor in Emacs (KBEmacs) is the current demonstration system implemented as part of the Programmer's Apprentice project. KBEmacs is capable of acting as a semiexpert assistant toExpand
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Locales and beacons: efficient and precise support for large multi-user virtual environments
There is a natural desire to make multi-user virtual environments large in spatial extent, in numbers of objects, and in numbers of users interacting with the environment. However, doing this bringsExpand
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Lexicalized Context-Free Grammars
Lexicalized context-free grammar(LCFG) is an attractive compromise between the parsing efficiency of context-free grammar (CFG) and the elegance and lexical sensitivity of lexicalized tree adjoiningExpand
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The Programmer's Apprentice: a research overview
The long-term goal of the Programmer's Apprentice project is to develop a theory of how expert programmers analyze, synthesize, modify, explain, specify, verify, and document programs. The authorsExpand
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