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The recent history of erosion and sedimentation on the Southern Tablelands of southeastern Australia: sediment flux dominated by channel incision
Abstract As in other regions colonised from Europe within the last few centuries, Australia's vegetation and soils have been dramatically changed by clearing, cropping and grazing. In southeasternExpand
Vegetational and seasonal climatic changes since the last full glacial in the Thar Desert
Acetylthio amides and esters were prepared by the free radical addition of thiolacetic acid to the terminal and nonterminal double bonds of N-substituted fatty amides and fatty esters. The freeExpand
Annual and decadal variation of sediment yield in Australia, and some global comparisons
An analysis of 275 estimated sediment yields from Australia shows that regional differences of yield correlate with different variables for different sizes of drainage basin. Despite thisExpand
Factors determining desert dune type
While most observers recognize four elemental types of desert dunes (longitudinal, transverse, barchan and star1–3) there is little agreement about which factors determine these types. The angularExpand
A conceptual template for integrative human–environment research
We propose a conceptual template that can be used to catalyse the integration of concepts from a range of disciplines in environmental and natural-resource research. Expand
Late quaternary sediments, minerals, and inferred geochemical history of Didwana Lake, Thar Desert, India
Abstract Variations in clastic sediment texture, mineralogy of both evaporites formed at the surface and precipitates formed below the lake floor, and the relative chemical activities of the majorExpand
Changes in the flux of sediment in the Upper Murrumbidgee catchment, Southeastern Australia, since European settlement
Since European settlement began 180 years ago, the sediment flux in the upper Murrumbidgee River, NSW, Australia, has changed as a result of grazing, historical climate variations, and dam closures.Expand
A sediment budget for the Ganga-Brahmaputra catchment
Published data are used to construct an approximate sediment budget for the 1.656 × 10 6 km 2 catchment of the Ganga and Brahmaputra rivers. From these data, it has not been possible to identify theExpand
Thermoluminescence and radiocarbon dating of Australian desert dunes
Quaternary lithostratigraphic units in continental dunes have been dated at three locations in South Australia by both radiocarbon dating of organic carbon bedded either in dune sands or in depositsExpand
Agriculture, water and ecosystems : Avoiding the costs of going too far
In Molden, David (Ed.). Water for food, water for life: a Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture. London, UK: Earthscan; Colombo, Sri Lanka: International Water ManagementExpand