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A generalised model of forest productivity using simplified concepts of radiation-use efficiency, carbon balance and partitioning
This paper describes a stand growth model, based on physiological processes, which incorporates a number of steps and procedures that have allowed considerable simplification relative to extantExpand
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Net primary production of forests: a constant fraction of gross primary production?
Considerable progress has been made in our ability to model and measure annual gross primary production (GPP) by terrestrial vegetation. But challenges remain in estimating maintenance respirationExpand
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Resistance of conifers to bark beetle attack: Searching for general relationships
Abstract Bark beetles are among the few native insects that can kill large numbers of trees in a single year. The present paper reviews recent work on the relationship between conifer resistance toExpand
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Forest Ecosystems: Analysis at Multiple Scales
1. Forest Ecosystem Analysis at Multiple Time and Space Scales I. Introduction II. The Scientific Domain of Forest Ecosystem Analysis III. The Space/Time Domain of Ecosystem Analysis IV. Time andExpand
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Evergreen Coniferous Forests of the Pacific Northwest
The massive, evergreen coniferous forests in the Pacific Northwest are unique among temperate forest regions of the world. The region's forests escaped decimation during Pleistocene glaciation; theyExpand
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Evidence of Reduced Photosynthetic Rates in Old Trees
Wood production generally declines as forests age. The decrease in production has been attributed to higher respiration associated with increasing biomass, but direct measurements fail to supportExpand
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Forest Ecosystems: Concepts and Management
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Environmental Limits on Net Primary Production and Light‐Use Efficiency Across the Oregon Transect
Due to climate differences, an extreme range in productivity occurs along a 250-km, west-east transect at 144? north latitude in western Oregon, USA, where coniferous evergreen forests dominate. AsExpand
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Performance of the forest productivity model 3-PG applied to a wide range of forest types
Abstract The structure of the 3-PG model is outlined indicating the input data and parameter values required to run it and the changes introduced since the model description was originally published.Expand
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Characteristics of Trees Predisposed to Die
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