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Emerging organic contaminants in groundwater: A review of sources, fate and occurrence.
Nanogram-microgram per litre concentrations are present in groundwater for a large range of EOCs as well as metabolites and transformation products and under certain conditions may pose a threat to freshwater bodies for decades due to relatively long groundwater residence times. Expand
Oil and gas wells and their integrity : implications for shale and unconventional resource exploitation
Data from around the world (Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, the Netherlands, Poland, the UK and the USA) show that more than four million onshore hydrocarbon wells have been drilledExpand
The natural (baseline) quality of groundwater: a UK pilot study.
The geochemical controls on natural concentrations are discussed and an approach to defining baseline concentrations using geochemical and statistical tools is proposed. Expand
Dynamics of landfill gas migration in unconsolidated sands
A gas plume from the Foxhall landfill in Suffolk, UK contains elevated concentrations of methane and carbon dioxide in unsaturated unconsolidated sands which comprise Pleistocene “Red Crag” deposits.Expand
The changing trend in nitrate concentrations in major aquifers due to historical nitrate loading from agricultural land across England and Wales from 1925 to 2150.
The model enables the magnitude and timescale of groundwater nitrate response to be factored into source apportionment tools and to be taken into account alongside current planning of land-management options for reducing nitrate losses. Expand
Changes in Major and Trace Components of Landfill Gas During Subsurface Migration
A gas plume emanating from the Foxhall Landfill in Suffolk (U.K.) has been defined within unsaturated ferruginous sands on the basis of elevated concentrations of methane, carbon dioxide and volatileExpand
Structural analysis and application of wind loads to solar arrays
Abstract Evaluation of a solar array subjected to wind requires knowledge of the aerodynamics of the array as well as the structural response of the array to wind pressures that vary with time andExpand
The hydrogeological aspects of shale gas extraction in the UK
UK shale gas exploitation currently at a very early stage. Potentially significant quantities but resources are not yet proven. In the UK a number of the potentially exploitable shales are belowExpand
Global patterns of nitrate storage in the vadose zone
The vadose zone is an important store of nitrate that should be considered in future budgets for effective policymaking, and it is argued that in these areas use of conventional nitrogen budget approaches is inappropriate. Expand
A baseline survey of dissolved methane in aquifers of Great Britain.
A unique dataset for dissolved methane (CH4) concentrations in aquifers in England, Scotland and Wales has been compiled, focusing principally on areas where UGS exploration is considered more likely, as indicated by the underlying geology. Expand