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Corporate Financial Policy and the Value of Cash
We examine the cross-sectional variation in the marginal value of corporate cash holdings that arises from differences in corporate financial policy. We begin by providing semi-quantitativeExpand
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Conflicts of Interest and Stock Recommendations: The Effects of the Global Settlement and Related Regulations
We study the effect of the Global Analyst Research Settlement and related regulations on sell-side research. These regulations attempted to mitigate the interdependence between research andExpand
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Safe and just operating spaces for regional social-ecological systems
Humanity faces a major global challenge in achieving wellbeing for all, while simultaneously ensuring that the biophysical processes and ecosystem services that underpin wellbeing are exploitedExpand
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Teenagers’ Internet Use and Family Rules: A Research Note
The Internet poses challenges to parents who want their children to take advantage of online resources but also want to protect their children from questionable content. Using data from 749 dyads ofExpand
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Optimal CEO Compensation with Search: Theory and Empirical Evidence
We integrate an agency problem into search theory to study executive compensation in a market equilibrium. A CEO can choose to stay or quit and search after privately observing an idiosyncratic shockExpand
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Membrane Technology: Past, Present and Future
Membrane science and technology have experienced a long historical development in laboratory study before realizing their first significant industrial application in the 1960s. With nearly 50 yearsExpand
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ATUS Fathers’ Involvement in Childcare
Fathers in the U.S. have increased the hours they spend in child care activities and also the overall time they spend with their children (Sandberg & Hofferth 2001; Sayer et al. 2004; Bianchi et al.Expand
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Efficient callus-mediated regeneration and in vitro root tuberization in Trichosanthes kirilowii Maxim., a medicinal plant
Trichosanthes kirilowii Maxim. is a climbing herb with considerable medicinal value. In this study, efficient protocols for callus-mediated regeneration and in vitro tuberization of this plant wereExpand
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Membranes and processes for forward osmosis-based desalination: Recent advances and future prospects
We provide an overview of the various FO membrane designs, in particular, the thin-film composite, surface-modified, and mixed matrix and biomimetic membranes, and evaluate the potential of these hybrid systems for desalination. Expand
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Search for Optimal CEO Compensation: Theory and Empirical Evidence
Much of the agency literature focuses on effort-inducing while little attention is paid to the participation constraint. Intuitively, it is important to jointly address both for CEOs. This paperExpand
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