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Experimental analysis of diet specialization in the snail kite: the role of behavioral conservatism
A role for behavioral conservatism, in the form of risk-averse foraging and neophobia, is suggested in maintaining severe diet specialization in the snail kite. Expand
The use of radio-tracking in studying the foraging behaviour of the Indian Flying fox (Pteropus giganteus)
The techniques and results of a preliminary radio-tracking study of P. giganteus, the largest species of frugivorous bat in Ceylon, are described. Expand
Measures of Wing Area and Wing Span from Wing Formula Data
whereas residents must engage in other activities. One could test this hypothesis by comparing either fat levels or body mass per unit size of challengers and residents during takeover attempts. B.Expand
A simple field technique for estimation of body surface area in horses and ponies
This study aimed to produce a weight-independent algorithm for determination of body surface area (BSA; cm 2 ) to within 5% accuracy of the directly determined value in selected horses and poniesExpand