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Plant remains in coprolites: diet of a subalpine moa (Dinornithiformes) from southern New Zealand
Abstract Analysis of plant macrofossils and pollen in putative coprolites (2538 ± 95 14C years ago) of Megalapteryx didinus, a southern subalpine species of the extinct moa, indicates that this birdExpand
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Housing conditions and the quality of children at birth.
Low birth weight (less than 2,501 grams at birth) rates were computed for the 338 health areas of New York City for three time periods: 1969-1971, 1979-1981, and 1985-19. Frequency distributions ofExpand
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Polynesian Earth Ovens and Their Fuels: Wood Charcoal Remains from Anaho Valley, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands
Earth ovens are a key component of many traditional Polynesian societies, used by both households and larger community groups for daily and specialised cooking, now and in the past. As repositoriesExpand
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Commercialization of silicon sheet via the String Ribbon crystal growth technique
String Ribbon is a method for producing continuous crystalline silicon ribbon for solar cell use. Inherently simple and robust, it is now being deployed to produce commercial quantities of siliconExpand
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The Progression of Taiwan Ferret Badger Rabies from July 2013 to December 2016
On July 17, 2013, rabies was confirmed in ferret badgers (Melogale moschata) in Taiwan, which is the sole reservoir host. The epidemic happens solely in Taiwan Island. This research is to show theExpand
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The Chronology of Mount Camel Archaic site, Northland, New Zealand
Six new radiocarbon dates have been obtained on shell and charcoal from the Mount Camel or Houbora Archaic site (N6/4). No new excavations were involved. Four samples were extracted from latex pullsExpand
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Petrified wood from the Miocene volcanic sequence of Coromandel Peninsula, northern New Zealand
Petrified (silicified) wood is found throughout the Miocene sub‐aerial volcanic sequence of Coromandel Peninsula. The identification of 160 samples, mostly collected from geological formations ofExpand
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A Kohika Wharepuni: House Construction Methods of the Late Pre-contact Maori
The archaeological recovery and subsequent conserv ation of many wooden house parts from the waterlogged site of Kohika (V 15/80) provides a rare opportunity to examine the superstructure of lateExpand
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The Radiocarbon Chronology of the Norfolk Island Archaeological Sites
Radiocarbon determinations were obtained for archaeological sites at Cemetery Bay and Emily Bay, Norfolk Island. Sample materials were rat bone gelatin, marine shell and wood charcoal. Ages on boneExpand
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