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Fifteen species in one: deciphering the Brachionus plicatilis species complex (Rotifera, Monogononta) through DNA taxonomy
Abstract Understanding patterns and processes in biological diversity is a critical task given current and rapid environmental change. Such knowledge is even more essential when the taxa underExpand
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A Cladistic Analysis of Pseudocoelomate (Aschelminth) Morphology
We investigated possible relationships among pseudocoelomates (aschelminths) by using cladistic analysis to uncover all most-parsimonious trees from a data set comprising 45 morphological charactersExpand
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Biology, Ecology and Systematics
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Rotifers: Exquisite Metazoans1
  • R. Wallace
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Integrative and comparative biology
  • 1 July 2002
Abstract Rotifers comprise a modestly sized phylum (≈1,850 species) of tiny (ca. 50–2,000 μm), bilaterally symmetrical, eutelic metazoans, traditionally grouped within the pseudocoelomates orExpand
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Phylogenetic relationships of phylum Rotifera with emphasis on the families of Bdelloidea.
We investigated phylogenetic relationships of phylum Rotifera using cladistic analysis to uncover all most-parsimonious trees from a data set comprising 60 morphological characters of nine taxa: oneExpand
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Life on the Edge: Rotifers From Springs and Ephemeral Waters in the Chihuahuan Desert, Big Bend National Park (Texas, USA)
Here we describe an on-going study of the rotifers inhabiting a sampling of springs (seeps), streams, ponds, tanks (diked ephemeral streams), and huecos and tinajas (small and large rock pools) ofExpand
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Using the guild ratio to characterize pelagic rotifer communities
Ecological research is moving from a species-based to a functional-based approach to better understand the underlying principles that govern community dynamics. Studies of functional-based ecology,Expand
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Coloniality in the phylum Rotifera
Coloniality in the phylum Rotifera is defined and reviewed. Only two families of rotifers contain truly colonial forms: Flosculariidae and Conochilidae (order Gnesiotrocha, suborder Flosculariacea).Expand
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Morphology of Floscularia ringens (Rotifera, Monogononta) from egg to adult
. Floscularia ringens is a cosmopolitan, sessile rotifer (class Monogononta) that lives inside a tube it constructs from numerous small, rounded pellets. Adults of F. ringens produce parthenogeneticExpand
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