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Ethical Issues in Social Science Research
Responsibility and the moral sentiments
This text argues that moral accountability hinges on questions of fairness: When is it fair to hold people morally responsible for what they do? Would it be fair to do so even in a deterministicExpand
Normativity and the Will
  • R. Wallace
  • Sociology
  • Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement
  • 1 September 2004
If there is room for a substantial conception of the will in contemporary theorizing about human agency, it is most likely to be found in the vicinity of the phenomenon of normativity. RationalExpand
Three Conceptions of Rational Agency
Rational agency may be thought of as intentional activity that is guided by the agent's conception of what they have reason to do. The paper identifies and assesses three approaches to thisExpand
The practice of value
INTRODUCTION THE PRACTICE OF VALUE Social Dependence without Relativism The Implications of Value Pluralism Change and Understanding COMMENTS The Dependence of Value on Humanity The Conditions ofExpand
Reasons, Relations, and Commands: Reflections on Darwall*
Stephen Darwall describes the second-person standpoint as “the perspective you and I take up when we make and acknowledge claims on one another’s conduct and will” (3). Claims are apparentlyExpand
How to Argue about Practical Reason