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A comprehensive meteorological modeling system—RAMS
SummaryThis paper presents a range of applications of the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS), a comprehensive mesoscale meterological modeling system. Applications discussed in this paperExpand
RAMS 2001: Current status and future directions
Summary¶An overview of the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS) is presented. We focus on new developments in the RAMS physics and computational algorithms since 1992. We also summarize someExpand
Coupled Atmosphere–Biophysics–Hydrology Models for Environmental Modeling
The formulation and implementation of LEAF-2, the Land Ecosystem‐Atmosphere Feedback model, which comprises the representation of land‐surface processes in the Regional Atmospheric Modeling SystemExpand
New RAMS cloud microphysics parameterization part I: the single-moment scheme
A new cloud microphysical parameterization is described. Features of this new scheme include: the use of generalized gamma distributions as the basis function for all hydrometeor species; the use ofExpand
Can large wind farms affect local meteorology
[1] The RAMS model was used to explore the possible impacts of a large wind farm in the Great Plains region on the local meteorology over synoptic timescales under typical summertime conditions. AExpand
New RAMS cloud microphysics parameterization. Part II: The two-moment scheme
Abstract This paper is the second in a series of articles describing the new microphysics scheme in the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS). In this part, a new two-moment microphysicalExpand
Exploring the Effects of Microscale Structural Heterogeneity of Forest Canopies Using Large-Eddy Simulations
The Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS)-based Forest Large-Eddy Simulation (RAFLES), developed and evaluated here, is used to explore the effects of three-dimensional canopy heterogeneity, atExpand
Elements of the microphysical structure of numerically simulated nonprecipitating stratocumulus
Abstract A set of 500 simulated trajectories and a simple parcel model are used to (i) evaluate the performance of a large eddy simulation model coupled to a detailed representation of the dropletExpand
Cloud venting — A review and some new global annual estimates
Abstract In this paper we review observational and modeling studies of cloud venting by a wide variety of cloud types ranging from ordinary cumuli, to ordinary cumulonimbi, mesoscale convectiveExpand
Polynomial Fits to Saturation Vapor Pressure.
Abstract The authors describe eighth- and sixth-order polynomial fits to Wexler's and Hyland-Wexler's saturation-vapor-pressure expressions. Fits are provided in both least-squares and relative-errorExpand