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Effect of remote distractors on saccade programming: evidence for an extended fixation zone.
In a series of experiments, we examined the increase in saccade latency that is observed consistently when distractor stimuli are presented simultaneously with the saccade target at various nontargetExpand
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Patterns and Meanings in Discourse: Theory and practice in corpus-assisted discourse studies (CADS)
Recently published in John Benjamins’s Studies in Corpus Linguistics series, Patterns and Meaning in Discourse is an interdisciplinary text that introduces ways to utilise corpus techniques forExpand
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After Snowden: Rethinking the Impact of Surveillance
Current revelations about the secret US-NSA program, PRISM, have confirmed the large-scale mass surveillance of the telecommunication and electronic messages of governments, companies, and citizens,Expand
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After the Globe, Before the World
1. Prelude 2. Political, International, Theoretical 3. The Politics of Escape 4. Sovereignties, Origins, Limits 5. Split Finitudes Seductive Hierachies 6. Politics on the Line
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International, Political, Sociology
This journal responds to a broadly acknowledged sense that scholars engaging with problems understood to be international in scale and character increasingly reach beyond the established resources ofExpand
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Political Sociology and the Problem of the International
This paper revisits the multiple theoretical antagonisms mobilised by a claimed opposition between the international and the global/local so as to elaborate the stakes of working through traditionsExpand
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Europe's 21st Century Challenge: Delivering Liberty
Contents: The changing landscape of European liberty and security, Didier Bigo, Elspeth Guild and R.B.J. Walker Part I Liberty Challenges to the Constitution of Authority: The changing dynamics ofExpand
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A 128×96 pixel event-driven phase-domain ΔΣ-based fully digital 3D camera in 0.13μm CMOS imaging technology
Single Photon Avalanche Diodes enable fully digital distance computation down to millimetric accuracy for time-of-flight cameras . Expand
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EURECA Conceptual Design Report
Abstract The EURECA (European Underground Rare Event Calorimeter Array) project is aimed at searching for dark matter particles using cryogenic bolometers. The proponents of the present project haveExpand
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A silicon photomultiplier with >30% detection efficiency from 450–750nm and 11.6μm pitch NMOS-only pixel with 21.6% fill factor in 130nm CMOS
A 16×16 Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) is reported in a 130nm CMOS imaging technology with a photon detection probability of >30% from 450-750nm. Expand
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