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Success factors for deploying cloud computing
Trust between client organization and cloud provider is a strong predictor of successful cloud deployment.
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Measuring switching costs in IT outsourcing services
Switching costs play a major role in managerial decisions to (dis)continue an IT outsourcing service. This paper emphasizes the importance of switching cost analysis to the understanding ofExpand
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Mobile computing: a user study on hedonic/utilitarian mobile device usage
Intrinsic motivators of technology beliefs have received scant attention in the technology acceptance literature despite indications of their efficacy. This study uses the framework of TAM to exploreExpand
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Research Note - A Model of Conflict, Leadership, and Performance in Virtual Teams
Organizations in many different industries employ virtual teams in a variety of contexts, including research and development, customer support, software development, and product design. Many virtualExpand
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The effects of IT capabilities and delivery model on cloud computing success and firm performance for cloud supported processes and operations
Organizations align IT-based capabilities with cloud delivery options to meet performance objectives.Managerial, technical and relational IT capability positively affect cloud success.Cloud successExpand
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The influence of user affect in online information disclosure
  • R. Wakefield
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • J. Strateg. Inf. Syst.
  • 1 June 2013
Personal consumer data is the fuel for information driven programs that may differentiate a firm from its competitors and create strategic advantages. However, a tension exists between the user'sExpand
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Factors influencing food choice by the seaweed-eating marine snail Norrisianorrisi (Trochidae)
Abstract Through two-choice gustatory experiments, a␣preference hierarchy was established␣for␣the␣herbivorous gastropod Norrisianorrisi Sowerby, with laminarialean kelps preferred over all otherExpand
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Globally distributed teams: the effect of diversity on trust, cohesion and individual performance
Globally distributed teams are becoming more common among organizations that seek to maximize knowledge creation and innovation for competitive advantage. Although they are becoming widely used amongExpand
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The Role of Web Site Characteristics in Initial Trust Formation
Within the context of the initial Trust Building Model (TBM) of McKnight et al. (39), we examine specific factors related to Web site quality and structural assurance. Our model is tested using anExpand
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Social media network behavior: A study of user passion and affect
Excitement may not be sufficient to motivate content creation and sharing in social media.Excitement facilitates social media use in the context of a meaningful event.Passion for an activity directlyExpand
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