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Macrophage migration inhibitory factor in acute lung injury: expression, biomarker, and associations.
The macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF), a pro-inflammatory cytokine central to the response to endotoxemia, is a putative biomarker in acute lung injury (ALI). To explore MIF as a molecularExpand
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Regulation of c-Jun N-terminal kinase and p38 kinase pathways in endothelial cells.
The rapid and transient induction of E-selectin gene expression by inflammatory tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha in endothelial cells is mediated by signaling pathways which involve c-Jun N-terminalExpand
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Mutation analysis of the non‐muscle myosin light chain kinase (MLCK) deletion constructs on CV1 fibroblast contractile activity and proliferation
Smooth muscle myosin light chain kinase (MLCK) is a multifunctional molecule composed of an N‐terminal actin binding domain, a central kinase domain, and C‐terminal calmodulin‐ and myosin‐bindingExpand
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Sphingomyelin Synthase 2 Deficiency Attenuates NF&kgr;B Activation
Background—NF&kgr;B has long been regarded as a proatherogenic factor, mainly because of its regulation of many of the proinflammatory genes linked to atherosclerosis. Metabolism of sphingomyelinExpand
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Differential regulation of sphingosine kinases 1 and 2 in lung injury.
Two mammalian sphingosine kinase (SphK) isoforms, SphK1 and SphK2, possess identical kinase domains but have distinct kinetic properties and subcellular localizations, suggesting each has one or moreExpand
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Caspase‐dependent cleavage of myosin light chain kinase (MLCK) is involved in TNF‐α‐mediated bovine pulmonary endothelial cell apoptosis
Cytoskeletal proteins are key participants in the cellular progression to apoptosis. Our previous work demonstrated the critical dependence of actomyosin rearrangement and MLC phosphorylation inExpand
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Role of p38 MAP kinase in diperoxovanadate-induced phospholipase D activation in endothelial cells.
We previously demonstrated that diperoxovanadate (DPV), a synthetic peroxovanadium compound and cell-permeable oxidant that acts as a protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitor and insulinomimetic,Expand
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Thrombin induced secretion of macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) and its effect on nuclear signaling in endothelium
The procoagulant thrombin stimulates endothelial cells (EC) to undergo rapid cytoskeleton changes via signaling pathways that induce multiple phenotypic changes, including alterations inExpand
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Localization of the gene coding for ventricular myosin regulatory light chain (MYL2) to human chromosome 12q23-q24.3.
Human myosin light chain-2 (MYL2) is an important protein involved in the regulation of myosin ATPase activity in smooth muscle. In cardiac muscle, the precise role of MYL2 is not well understood;Expand
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The effect of protease inhibitors, leupeptin and E64d, on differentiation of C2C12 myoblasts in tissue culture.
Intracellular calcium levels play an important role in myofibril disintegration and regeneration of muscle fibers. Earlier studies have shown that the calcium activated protease, calpain, is involvedExpand
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