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Emerging Perspectives From the Hearing Voices Movement: Implications for Research and Practice
The historical growth and influence of the HVM is discussed, and it is suggested that the involvement of voice-hearers in research and a greater use of narrative and qualitative approaches are essential.
The experience of engaging with mental health services among young people who hear voices and their families: a mixed methods exploratory study
To fulfil the needs of young people and their families, mental health services would benefit from developing alternative approaches to voice hearing and running support groups that could form part of a `normalising’ and `holistic care’ package.
Whose voice are we hearing, really?
This article, written from the position of someone who has lived experience of therapy for ‘psychosis’ and an interest in participation, explores the degree to which qualitative research truly
Altered States of Consciousness: Evaluation of a voice‐hearing simulation during an immersive art exhibition
To improve public understanding of the subjective experience of auditory hallucinations and increase empathy towards individuals who hear voices and have other unusual sensory experiences.
Development, implementation and evaluation of Altered States of Consciousness: an immersive art exhibition designed to increase public awareness of psychotic experiences
This successful, large-scale pilot of an immersive art exhibition combined creative, academic, and experiential perspectives and enabled visitors to “hear voices” and increased their understanding of psychotic experiences.
Whose voice are we hearing, really?
  • R. Waddingham
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    Developments in Qualitative Psychotherapy…
  • 30 August 2018
Inner speech and narrative development in children and young people who hear voices; three perspectives on a developmental phenomenon
This article explores ways in which young people can be supported in their development and personal, focusing on the significance of their narrative, the dilemmas they face and the potential value of