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Oceanic 18S rDNA sequences from picoplankton reveal unsuspected eukaryotic diversity
35 full sequences of the small-subunit (18S) ribosomal RNA gene derived from a picoplanktonic assemblage collected at a depth of 75 m in the equatorial Pacific Ocean are analysed and show that there is a high diversity of picoeukaryotes. Expand
RnaViz 2: an improved representation of RNA secondary structure
RnaViz 2 supports CT, DCSE, and RNAML input formats and improves on many aspects of the first version, notably portability and structure annotation. Expand
The European database on small subunit ribosomal RNA
The European database on SSU rRNA can be consulted via the World WideWeb at http://rrna.uia.ac.be/ssu/ and compiles all complete or nearly complete small subunit ribosomal RNA sequences. SequencesExpand
Compilation of small ribosomal subunit RNA structures
The database on small ribosomal subunit RNA structure contained 1804 nucleotide sequences on April 23, 1993. This number comprises 365 eukaryotic, 65 archaeal, 1260 bacterial, 30 plastidial, and 84Expand
Classification of all putative permeases and other membrane multispanners of the Major Facilitator Superfamily encoded by the complete genome of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
A computer-aided analysis was carried out of all members of the major facilitator superfamily (MFS), which typically consists of permeases with 12 transmembrane spans, to predict a possible permease function for a total of 119 proteins. Expand
The Determination and Comparison of the 16S rRNA Gene Sequences of Species of the Genus Pseudomonas (sensu stricto and Estimation of the Natural Intrageneric Relationships
The ability of 16S rRNA gene sequences, particularly the hypervariable sequence regions, to be used as nested identification markers and as target sites for the development of 16s rRNA sequence-based strategies for the identification of species of the genus Pseudomonas is focused on. Expand
The European Large Subunit Ribosomal RNA Database
The European Large Subunit (LSU) Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) database is accessible via the rRNA WWW Server at URL http://rrna.uia.ac.be/lsu/. It is a curated database that compiles complete or nearlyExpand
Database on the structure of small ribosomal subunit RNA
The Antwerp database on small ribosomal subunit RNA now offers more than 6000 nucleotide sequences that are stored in the form of an alignment based on the adopted secondary structure model, which is corroborated by the observation of compensating substitutions in the alignment. Expand
The European Small Subunit Ribosomal RNA database
The European database of the Small Subunit (SSU) Ribosomal RNA is a curated database that strives to collect all information about the primary and secondary structure of completely orExpand