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Recent developments in production
The following production innovations will receive close attention this year: (1) Thermal recovery, particularly steam injection, will be of top interest. Attention is centered on California andExpand
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Bricklebush (Brickellia) phylogeny reveals dimensions of the great Asteraceae radiation in Mexico.
Data from molecular phylogenetics were used to assess aspects of diversity and relationships in Brickellia, a large and widespread genus of Eupatorieae. The dataset included sequence data fromExpand
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A revised infrageneric classification for Brickellia (Asteraceae, Eupatorieae)
A recent molecular phylogenetic study of the predominantly Mexican Brickellia resolved issues regarding its generic circumscription, but a new infrageneric classification remains to be formalized. Expand
S u rvey of pi pel i ne f I ow m eters
This article is a critical review of the major types of pipe-mounted flowmeters in current use. It treats the basic principles of each type. considers applications, rangeabilities and accuracies asExpand