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Recommended conventions for defining transition moments and intensity factors in diatomic molecular spectra
Two recommendations are made that can eliminate persistent confusion in the study of diatomic spectroscopy by providing uniform and consistent definitions of the electronic transition moments and theExpand
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Oxygen absorption in the spectral range 180-300 nm for temperatures to 3000 K and pressures to 50 atm.
Calculated oxygen absorption coefficients are given for the spectral range 180–300 nm, at a spectral resolution of 0.05 nm (instrumental function half-width) and with a spectral increment of 0.0125Expand
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Rocket observations of the ultraviolet solar spectrum during the total eclipse of 1970 March 7
Photographic far UV solar spectra during eclipse of 7 March 1970, discussing coronal lines, prominences and quiet atmosphere structure
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Franck-Condon Factors to High Vibrational Quantum Numbers V: O2 Band Systems.
  • R. W. Nicholls
  • Medicine
  • Journal of research of the National Bureau of…
  • 1965
Franck-Condon factors arrays have been computed numerically and are displayed to highest known vibrational quantum numbers for the following O2 band systems: [Table: see text].
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Reinvestigation of Rotational-Line Intensity Factors in Diatomic Spectra
The theory of the intensity factors of rotational lines in diatomic molecular spectra is reviewed with an emphasis on removing obscurities and resolving ambiguities that exist. For example, a unifiedExpand
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Absolute spectral absorption measurements on molecular oxygen from 2640-1920 AA. II. Continuum measurements 2430-1920 AA
For pt I see ibid., vol. 4, 1778 (1971). Sensitive photoelectric detection techniques and a ling absorption cell ( approximately 109 ft) were used to obtain cross section estimates of the weakExpand
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Application of dispersion techniques to molecular band intensity measurements. I. Principles of 'fringe shift' and 'fringe slope' band analysis procedures
Proposes two methods of band analysis each of which may be used to derive band oscillator strengths from the detailed form of a band interferogram. The methods are intrinsically more sensitive thanExpand
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Franck-Condon Factors to High Vibrational Quantum Numbers I: N2 and N2+
  • R. W. Nicholls
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Journal of research of the National Bureau of…
  • 1 September 1961
Franck-Condon factor arrays have been computed numerically to high vibrational quantum numbers for the band systems N2:C3II−B3II(Second Positive)N2:B3II−A3∑(First Positive)N2:A3∑−X1∑(VegardExpand
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