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Implications of mantle plume structure for the evolution of flood basalts
Morgan [1,2] suggested that continental flood basalts appear as the first volcanic expression of new mantle plumes. Experimental studies in viscous liquids have shown that new, or "starting", plumesExpand
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Stirring and structure in mantle starting plumes
Simple arguments show that ascending thermal plumes will entrain their surroundings as the result of coupling between conduction of heat and laminar stirring driven by the plume motion. In theExpand
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Convection driven by differential heating at a horizontal boundary
We report laboratory and numerical experiments with the convective circulation that develops in a long channel driven by heating and cooling through opposite halves of the horizontal base. TheExpand
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Interaction of mantle plume heads with the Earth's surface and onset of small‐scale convection
We investigate the behavior of a spherical blob of buoyant fluid as gravity forces it toward either a rigid horizontal boundary or a free surface. The diapir fluid is assumed much less viscous thanExpand
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Laboratory models of the thermal evolution of the mantle during rollback subduction
The subduction of oceanic lithosphere plays a key role in plate tectonics, the thermal evolution of the mantle and recycling processes between Earth's interior and surface. Information on mantleExpand
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Morphology, eruption rates, and rheology of lava domes - Insights from laboratory models
The growth of lava domes can be either quiescent or violent, with transitions between styles of behavior commonly occurring with little warning. Here we propose that the behavior depends on theExpand
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The stability of vortices in a rotating, stratified fluid
Axisymmetric flows with a two-layer density stratification are produced by releasing either a constant flux of fluid from a point source or a constant volume of fluid into a rotating environment withExpand
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Coalescing of geostrophic vortices
Close interactions between pairs of two-dimensional vortices of like sign were investigated in experiments with barotropic vortices and baroclinic vortices. The vortices were generated by sources orExpand
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Radial spreading of viscous-gravity currents with solidifying crust
We have investigated the effect of a solidifying crust on the dynamics and surface morphology of radial viscous-gravity currents. Liquid polyethylene glycol was admitted into the base of a tankExpand
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