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Algorithm 97: Shortest path
The procedure was originally programmed in FORTRAN for the Control Data 160 desk-size computer and was limited to te t ra t ion because subroutine recursiveness in CONTROL Data 160 FORTRan has been held down to four levels in the interests of economy.
Assigning Meanings to Programs
This paper attempts to provide an adequate basis for formal definitions of the meanings of programs in appropriately defined programming languages, in such a way that a rigorous standard is
Time Bounds for Selection
Assigning meaning to programs
Floyd 3 On page 25, the author states “this fact offers the possibility of automatic verification of programs, the programmer merely tagging entrances and one edge in each innermost loop; the
Expected time bounds for selection
A new selection algorithm is presented which is shown to be very efficient on the average, both theoretically and practically. The number of comparisons used to select the <italic>i</italic>th
Syntactic Analysis and Operator Precedence
  • R. W. Floyd
  • Computer Science, Linguistics
  • 1 July 1963
Three increasingly restricted types of formal grammar are phrase structure Grammars, operator grammars and precedence grammar, which form models of mathematical and algorithmic languages which may be analyzed mechanically by a simple procedure based on a matrix representation of a relation between character pairs.
Measurement of echolocation signals of the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus Montagu, in open waters.
The echlocation signals of two Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, were measured while the animals were involved in a target‐detection experiment conducted in open waters. The time
Exact and approximate membership testers
The question of how much space is needed to represent a set is considered, given a finite universe U and some subset V and a procedure that for each element s in U determines if s is in V.
The compilation of regular expressions into integrated circuits
  • R. W. Floyd, J. Ullman
  • Computer Science
    21st Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer…
  • 1 April 1980
This work considers the design of integrated circuits to implement arbitrary regular expressions and proposes two ways of implementing the nondeterministic device directly, one of which may be the preferred technique in many real situations.
On the nonexistence of a phrase structure grammar for ALGOL 60
It is shown that no formal mechanisms of the type used are sufficient to define ALGOL 60.