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Double exchange in CrxMn1−xas compounds1)
The magnetic moment M and the specific resistivity ϱ of CrxMn1−xAs polycrystals are measured for temperatures between 5 and 300 K and for eight different compositions. Structures in the ϱ(T) and M(T)Expand
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Magnetic susceptibility anomaly connected with a displacive phase transition in MnAs1−xPx and CrxMn1−xas compounds
Abstract With the second order B31 [rlhar2] B81 phase transition Tt in MnAs1-xPx and CrxMn1-xAs compounds a high-spi low-spin transition occurs simultaneously with a drastic change in the magneticExpand
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Magnetic properties of CrxMn1−xAs mixed crystals
Abstract The magnetic moment of Cr x Mn 1− x As mixed crystals has been measured for temperatures between 3 and 400 K and for ten different compositions between x = 0 and x = 1. Measurements of theExpand
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A low-cost, multi-purpose data acquisition device based on a microprocessor
Abstract A low-cost microprocessor system, which can be assembled easily from readily-available components, was tested for its ability to serve as a multi-purpose device for recording experimentalExpand