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[Correction of apathetic-abulic manifestations of schizophrenia with cholinotropic drugs].
The authors describe the results of the treatment of 30 patients suffering from schizophrenia with the well-defined apatho-abulic manifestations. The patients received anticholin-esterase agentsExpand
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[Preventive treatment of affective psychoses with finlepsin].
The prolonged (up to two years) use of finlepsin in manic-depressive and schizoaffective psychoses in 35 patients has shown this drug to possess a prophylactic effect comparable with the prophylacticExpand
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[Stereotaxic cingulotomy in the complex treatment of a schizophrenic patient with obsessive-compulsive disorder, resistant to treatment].
The authors describe a case of continuous conservative treatment of a patient suffering from severe obsessions. At the definite stage of the disease, the patient underwent psychosurgicalExpand
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[Study of the morphological characteristics of the brain in patients with schizophrenia by the method of computerized tomography].
The article presents the data on 57 schizophrenic and 26 neurotic patients investigated by computerized tomography (CT). Only 4 of the neurosis patients (15.4%) displayed minor CT changes. In 45Expand
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[Clinical effects of neuroleptics].
  • R Ia Vovin
  • Medicine
  • Zhurnal nevropatologii i psikhiatrii imeni S.S…
  • 1984
The current classifications of clinical psychotropic effects of neuroleptics are reviewed. On the basis of analyzing the time-course of the therapeutic regression, the author proposes toExpand
[Therapeutic pathomorphosis of affective psychoses during the process of long-term treatment with lithium salts].
The authors report of some results in a long-term (not less than 3 years) prophylactical administration of lithium preparations in 123 patients wiht manic-depressive psychosis and with favourableExpand
[Sleep deprivation as a method of treating endogenous depression].
Forty-six patients with various forms of endogenous depression were treated by night sleep deprivation (NSD) which was used as the cardinal method of treatment. A single session of NSD induced aExpand
[Effect of moditen-depot therapy on the duration and quality of remissions in schizophrenia patients].
The authors studied the effectiveness of out-patient treatment by Moditen-Deppt of 128 schizophrenic patients. A comparison of the previous remissions appearing during usual pharmacotherapy andExpand
[Long-acting neuroleptic preparations and their use in mental disorders].