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Teaching the Computer to Code Frames in News: Comparing Two Supervised Machine Learning Approaches to Frame Analysis
SML is well suited to automate frame coding but that coding performance is dependent on the way SML is implemented, and two approaches to modelling the coherence between indicator questions and frames as an SML task are compared. Expand
Explaining the rise of anti-immigrant parties: The role of news media content in the Netherlands
Abstract Anti-immigrant populism is on the rise throughout western Europe. Traditionally, economic and immigration-related factors are used to explain support for anti-immigrant parties at theExpand
How news content influences anti-immigration attitudes: Germany, 1993-2005
Both the frequency and the tone of coverage of immigrant actors in the news significantly influence dynamics in anti-immigration attitudes, and the strength of the effect of the news depends on contextual variation in immigration levels and the number of asylum seekers. Expand
What Motivates Consumers To Re-Tweet Brand Content?
ABSTRACT How do certain cues influence pass-along behavior (re-Tweeting) of brand messages on Twitter? Analyzing 19,343 global brand messages over a three-year period, the authors of this articleExpand
Real world is not enough: the media as an additional source of negative attitudes toward immigration, comparing Denmark and the Netherlands
Most people are unable to accurately estimate the number of immigrants in their country. Nonetheless, it has been argued that the size of the immigrant population would affect people’s immigrationExpand
Party media agenda-setting
It is concluded that the more relevant parties have more success, that there is a positive spillover effect from other parties’ press releases, but also a negative interaction effect between a party’s own and other parties' press releases. Expand
Across time and space: Explaining variation in news coverage of the European Union
News about the European Union (EU) looks different in different countries at different points in time. This study investigates explanations for cross-national and over-time variation in news mediaExpand
Power to the frame: Bringing sociology back to frame analysis
This article critically reviews current frame and framing research in media and communication studies. It is first argued that most authors fail to distinguish between ‘frame’ and ‘framing’ andExpand
Getting the word out on Twitter: the role of influentials, information brokers and strong ties in building word-of-mouth for brands
Using a sample of over 5300 tweets from top global brands, this study investigated how different types of users can influence brand content diffusion via retweets. Twitter users who influencedExpand
Effects of Election News Coverage: How Visibility and Tone Influence Party Choice
Overall, it is found that the more visible and the more positive the tone toward a given party is, the more voters are inclined to vote for this party. Expand