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Melting and Solidification of a Pure Metal on a Vertical Wall
Etude experimentale de l'ecoulement de convection naturelle dans la phase liquide et de son influence sur le mouvement de l'interface liquide-solide et sur le transfert de chaleur au cours de laExpand
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Heat transfer to impinging isothermal gas and flame jets
Abstract Heat transfer characteristics of single and multiple isothermal turbulent air and flame jets impinging on surfaces are reviewed. Both circular and slot two-dimensional jets are considered,Expand
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Radiation heat transfer in combustion systems
Abstract An adequate treatment of thermal radiation heat transfer is essential to a mathematical model of the combustion process or to a design of a combustion system. This paper reviews theExpand
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Three-dimensional conjugate heat transfer in the microchannel heat sink for electronic packaging
Abstract A three-dimensional model is developed to investigate flow and conjugate heat transfer in the microchannel-based heat sink for electronic packaging applications. The incompressible laminarExpand
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Effect of jet-jet spacing on convective heat transfer to confined, impinging arrays of axisymmetric air jets
Abstract The effects of jet-jet spacing ( X n D ), low nozzle-plate spacings ( H D = 0.25, 1.0 and 6.0 ) and spent air exits located between the jet orifices were studied on the magnitude andExpand
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Natural convection solid/liquid phase change in porous media
media with natural convection in the melt region. The model is based on volume averaged transport equations, while phase change is assumed to occur over a small temperature range. Experiments areExpand
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Natural Convection Flow and Heat Transfer Between a Fluid Layer and a Porous Layer Inside a Rectangular Enclosure
Etude numerique et experimentale. Modelisation de l'ecoulement dans la couche poreuse a l'aide de l'equation de Darcy etendue par Brinkman et Forchheimer. Verification experimentale sur desExpand
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Solidification of a pure metal at a vertical wall in the presence of liquid superheat
Abstract The role of natural convection during solidification of a pure metal at a vertical wall is studied experimentally and numerically. Experiments are performed in a rectangular test cell withExpand
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Jet Impingement Boiling
Publisher Summary Impinging liquid jets have found usage in many industrial applications, in both submerged (liquid-into-liquid) and free-surface (liquid-into-gas) arrangements. Because of theExpand
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Effect of nozzle geometry on local convective heat transfer to a confined impinging air jet
This article reports results on the effects of hyperbolic nozzle geometry on the local heat-transfer coefficients for confined impinging air jets. A thermochromatic liquid-crystal technique is usedExpand
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