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Identification of global suppressors for temperature-sensitive folding mutations of the P22 tailspike protein.
Suppressor mutations which alleviate the defects in folding mutants of the P22 gene 9 tailspike protein have recently been isolated (Fane, B. and King, J. (1991) Genetics 127, 263-277). The startingExpand
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Nature and distribution of sites of temperature-sensitive folding mutations in the gene for the P22 tailspike polypeptide chain.
Temperature-sensitive folding (tsf) mutations in gene 9 of bacteriophage P22 interfere with the folding and association of the tailspike polypeptide chain at restrictive temperature. We report hereExpand
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Novel second-site suppression of a cold-sensitive defect in phage P22 procapsid assembly.
The DNA packaging portal of the phage P22 procapsid is formed of 12 molecules of the 90,000 dalton gene 1 protein. The assembly of this dodecameric complex at a unique capsid vertex requiresExpand
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Genetic Analysis of Polypeptide Chain Folding and Misfolding in Vivo
Some 30 years have passed since the first protein structures were determined by X-ray crystallography, and since Anfinsen and co-workers established that the information for determining conformationExpand
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